Charnwood PENSAGM Shock Absorber Pen – Gun Metal

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A gift that will be appreciated by any car or motorcycle enthusiast. Modelled on the design of an actual shock absorber with a heavy-duty spring that actually articulates the shaft of the pen for ultimate authenticity. A real conversation starter. Just twist off the cap of the top to reveal a ballpoint pen. The cap then screws on to the back. Easy to make with a single 27/64″ tube and a pen blank only 2″ long.

Also comes with a handy key ring on the end.

Overall length of pen with cap on 120mm.

(Picture shown with AB02 Green & Brown Cammo Pattern Acrylic Pen Blank)

Uses PENSABUSH bushing set.

Uses 27/64″” Drill Bit PBD2764

Uses 9.9mm Barrel Trimmer in set PENBTP

Uses refill PENMBR

Download the instructions for a simple step by step guide on how to make your pen.


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