Charnwood Pen Barrel Trimmer Expansion Pack: 10mm, 3/8″ & 27/64″ Diameters

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Product Description

This kit comes with 8.64mm, 9.15mm & 9.9mm trimming shafts to suit 3/8″, 10mm & 27/64″ Tubes.

Simply use these shafts in conjunction with the cutter head from our PENBT pen barrel trimmer.

To use the trimmer it can either be locked into our collet mandrel for use on the lathe or can be used on a pillar drill in conjunction with our Pen Blank Vice.

Can be used with any wood or Acrylic pen blank materials.

This kit of trimming shafts are suitable for the following pens:

Cigar Pens
Classic Elite Pens
Elegant Beauty Pens
Hexagonal Click Pens
Lock n Load Bullet Pens
Loong (Dragon) Twist Pens
Mini Bolt Action Pens
Pirate Skull Twist Pens
Sienna Pens
Sierra Pens
Shock Absorber Pens
Spiritual Twist Pens
Warrior Click Pens


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