Asahi Mokuba 3 Way Nail Punch 210mm

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Product Description

Beautifully crafted as you would expect from a Japanese tool this three way nail bar from Mokuba measures 210mm in length and features a nail setting end, claw end and tack hammer head.

  • Nail Setting End
  • Claw End
  • Tack Hammer Head
  • Nail/Tack Straightening Groove
  • Length 210mm

The nail punch head features a slightly concave end to allow nails to be easily located and stop them from slipping.

The claw end allows tacks to be removed for repair work and the back of the claw can double up as a small tack hammer.

There is also a groove in the handle that allows nails/tacks to be straightened .

All in all a very neat and well thought out tool with multiple uses.

Made in Japan


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