Asahi JBC6 Japanese Restorers Cats Paw Bar 250mm

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This very finely made restorers bar from Mokuba of Japan is the finest of its type we have found. It measures 250mm in length and features a flared end, claw end and tack hammer head.

  • Flared End
  • Claw End
  • Tack Hammer Head
  • Nail/Tack Straightening Groove
  • Overall Length 250mm
  • Flared End Width 45mm

One end features a claw for removing nails or tacks whilst the other flares into a wide and gently curved but strong spatula type end. This tool is ideal for delicate disassembly work prior to restoration or re-upholstery, but also robust enough for more demanding day to day tasks.

The back of the head also doubles as a small tack hammer and a groove down the handle can be used to straighten nails.

Made in Japan


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