Charnwood Y Branch with 3 x 100mm (4″) Outlets

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Product Description

Y shaped splitter with 3 x 100mm ends. Used To split a single hose line into two branches when creating multiple connections.

Three connections are all 100mm diameter. For use with our 100FLEX Hose. Hose clamps are required to fasten the hoses securely (100HC).

A Joining Sleeve (100SL) can be fitted to any end of the Y Piece to connect it to another fitting such as a Reducer or Shut off Gate.

When using two branches it is recommended to close off any branches not in use, so that a higher airflow is achieved down the active branch. Shut off gates (100G) can be attached to the T-piece using a joining sleeve (100SL). These tapered sleeves form a tight push fit joint. Hoses can be attached to the gate with a hose clamp.

The splitter is available in a Y or T shape. Sometimes the T shape is an advantage when creating a hose network, particularly when dropping down from head height. However the airflow is not as efficient as with the Y shaped branch.


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