W810 2” Diameter, 3 Jaw, Lever Scroll Chuck

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Product Description

A light weight, low cost, mini lathe chuck ideal for lathes with smaller motors.

Fitted with 3 jaws, which are stepped on the outside, to give a powerful grip on smaller work pieces. The jaws are adjusted using two levers, which are supplied as standard.

The jaws on this chuck are reversible to futher expand the range of pieces it can hold. When the jaws are reversed the steps are on the inside.

The chuck fits directly onto a spindle thread of 1″ x 8tpi


Chuck Body Diameter 50mm
Standard Jaw Expands from 10mm to 66mm
Standard Jaw Contracts from 30mm to 3mm
Reversed Jaw Expands from 55mm to 80mm
Reversed Jaw Contracts from 60mm to 20mm
Thread Size 1″ x 8tpi
Weight 450g
Rating Hobby
Warranty 1 Year

Please note: When reversing the jaws you need to swap over the number 1 and number 3 jaws before re-fitting them.

Optional inserts are available to mount this chuck onto a lathe with either 3/4″ x 16tpi or M33 x 3.5 thread size.


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