Charnwood 100QC Tapered Quick Connector 100mm (4″) Diameter (Right Handed Hose)

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Barcode: 5060281691026

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This tapered quick connector will give a simple push fit onto most 100mm diameter dust extraction outlets. Ideal for moving an extractor between several machines with 100mm outlets. It can be moved from table saw to bandsaw to planer in seconds.

The other end of the fitting has a threaded design which screws into the inside of our 100FLEX 100mm diameter hose.

100QC is for 100mm diameter hose only.

Please note: The 100QC has a right handed thread and is therefore suitable for right handed hoses as supplied by Charnwood. Other hose manufacturers may use a left hand thread. See 100QCL for use with Left handed hoses.


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