Charnwood W813#12/14SET Spindle Pulley Set for W812, W813 & W870 Lathes

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A Pair of replacement pulleys for the mechanical variable speed drive.

This pair fits onto the headstock spindle. Part number 12 & 14 in the owners manual.

It is always recommended to replace these as a pair even if only 1 half shows signs of wear or damage.

(Please note: these pulleys are different to the pair fitted onto the motor spindle)

Overall Diameter – 120mm
Bore Diameter – 24mm

Compatible With:

  • Charnwood W812
  • Charnwood W813
  • Charnwood W870

To the best of our knowledge, these pulleys are also compatible with the following similar machines:

  • Delta 46-700
  • Draper WTL95
  • SIP 01938
  • Fox F46-717A
  • Axminster AWVSWL900
  • Scheppach DMS900
  • Draper WTL1100
  • Scheppach LATA 5.0
  • SIP 01940
  • Axminster AC370WL