Robert Sorby Box Hollower

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Product Description

The unique Box Hollower is specifically designed for hollowing projects with straight sides and flat bottoms. It is ideal for boxes and can also be used on larger projects, like tall vases.

It’s broad cutter facilitates the rapid removal of waste wood. Because the shank is a full 3/4″ flat section, there is no fear of tool rotating inside.

The cutter may also be slightly offset to give a different angle of approach.

Sharpening is done by using a diamond stone.(DS600 or DSCC600).

The following optional cutters can also be used with this tool

  • 804C01 Ball End Cutter
  • 804C02 Spade End Cutter
  • 804C03 Pointed End Cutter
  • 804C04 Skew Cutter
  • 804C05 Rim Cutter
  • 804C06 Mini Round Nose Cutter
  • 804C07 Side and Face End Cutter
  • 804C08 Box Cutter
  • 804C09 Mushroom Cutter
  • 804C10 Half Radius Cutter
  • 805C05 3/16” Captive Ring Cutter
  • 805C06 1/4” Captive Ring Cutter
  • 805C10 3/8” Captive Ring Cutter
  • 805C13 1/2” Captive Ring Cutter


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