Robert Sorby Side and Face End Cutter

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Barcode: 5013035039742

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Product Description

Side and Face End Cutter to be used on Box Hollower Tool – 803H

Sharpening is done by using a diamond stone (DS600 or DSCC600)

The following optional cutters can also be used with this tool

  • 804C01 Ball End Cutter
  • 804C02 Spade End Cutter
  • 804C03 Pointed End Cutter
  • 804C04 Skew Cutter
  • 804C05 Rim Cutter
  • 804C06 Mini Round Nose Cutter
  • 804C08 Box Cutter
  • 804C09 Mushroom Cutter
  • 804C10 Half Radius Cutter
  • 805C05 3/16” Captive Ring Cutter
  • 805C06 1/4” Captive Ring Cutter
  • 805C10 3/8” Captive Ring Cutter
  • 805C13 1/2” Captive Ring Cutter


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