Charnwood Planer Knife Setting Jig

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Our planer & thicknesser knife setting jigs offer a simplified and fast method to change the knives. The jigs can be used with most planers, thicknessers or combination machines. All you need is access to the cutter block, in most cases this means lifting up the planer beds or removing one of the tables completely.

The jigs are fitted with strong magnets which will clamp it to the cutter block. In the centre of the jig is a setting rod with another magnet for holding the tip of the blade, during setting.

All of our machines, and most other brands too, are supplied with a low cost knife setting tool. Whilst they are adequate, they are time consuming requiring great patience to get both ends of the knife equal. Tightening one bolt often inadvertently moves the opposite end of the knife.

On first use, the jigs are set and locked to the exact setting for your machine. Whenever fitting new or re-ground knives from then on, the setting will be saved on the jig and accurate height setting of the knives is made simple.

Charnwood PKSJ Specification

Minimum Cutterblock Diameter 75mm
Maximum Cutterblock Diameter 125mm
Number Of Knives 2-4
Height Adjustment 22mm
Increments Of Adjustment 0.15mm

Supplied in a wooden storage case.

Please Note: The jigs are not suitable for use on planers with aluminium tables which are neither hinged or removeable. (Aluminium is not magnetic!)



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