Charnwood Pen Press For Lathes 1MT Fitting

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Product Description

The PP1MT Pen Press has been designed to be used in conjunction with your lathe. There are two nylon pads, the white one has a small dimple in the centre to hold the nib of the pen in line, the black pad has a concave dome cut into it to make sure the other end of the pen is also held central and stops it from slipping out to the side.

Both pads come supplied on a 1 morse taper shaft.

To use the pen press you put the white pad into the headstock taper and the black pad into the tail stock, insert the nib into the white pad and slide the tailstock in until the black pad is pressed against the other end and lock off.

Then simply wind the tailstock shaft forward which will press the pen parts together. Once the parts are pressed together unwind the tailstock and remove the pen.


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