Charnwood PBD38 Pen Blank Drill, 3/8″ Diameter

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Barcode: 5060486040780

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3/8″ Pen Makers Drill bit.

The first step to making a pen is to drill down the centre of the blank to make a hole for the pen tube.

This HSS brad point drill is very precise and can be used in a drill chuck on the lathe or in a pillar drill.

Diameter: 3/8″
Length: 110mm

Compatible with the following Charnwood Pen Kits:
Mini Bolt Action Pen Kits
Lock n Load Bullet Pens Kits
Warrior Click Pen Kits
Spiritual Twist Pen Kits
Loong (Dragon) Twist Pen Kits
Hexagonal Click Pen Kits
Pirate Skull Twist Pen Kits
Stick Shift Pen Kits



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