Charnwood DC50#25/5 Outer Filter For DC50 Vacuum Extractor, Pack of 5

Product Code:DC50#25/5
Barcode: 5060486044900

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Pack of 5 Replacement outer filter bags.

A thick paper based filter bag which sits over the outside of the cartridge filter to protect it from flying chips.

Under normal hobby use these filters need replacing every 6 months or so. A visual inspection will soon determine if there are any tears in the bag.

Tip: By rotating the lid of the extractor round by 90 degrees each time you empty the drum, you can extend the life of the filter bag by 4 times.


Compatible with:
Charnwood DC50
Charnwood DC50AUTO
Charnwood W680
Scheppach HA1000
Woodster DC04
SIP 01929
Draper DE1050A
Clarke CDE1000
Record DX1000