Chestnut Products Woodturners Stick Wax

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Woodturners Stick Wax

A solid stick, rich in Beeswax and Carnauba Wax for polishing on the lathe to give a high gloss finish. Uniquely shaped to allow access to awkward and intricate areas, blended for easy use. Use over Sanding Sealer.

Approximate Length: 140mm


Typical uses For a tough, high gloss finish usually used on small items.
Method of application By using the heat generated by holding the stick against work revolving on the lathe to melt and transfer a small amount of wax from stick to wood.
Drying time Virtually instant
Coverage Impossible to quantify – a little goes a long way!
Compatibility Use over any of the Chestnut Products Sanding Sealers. Is also used over Friction Polish.
Tips Work quickly to avoid a build up of wax in one area. This is a blend of waxes making it easier to apply than pure stick waxes.
Thinners n/a
Safety Considerations Care should always be taken when using moving machinery.



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