Chestnut Products BT Buffing Tree

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Three 6 inch wheels on one spindle for buffing small items on the lathe quickly.

It comprises of three 6 inch wheels, in the A, B and C cloth grades, firmly held on a central spindle. Its ideal for buffing small items and, after loading the wheels with the compounds and wax, allows you to move from one wheel to the next in quick succession, dramatically reducing the time otherwise taken up by changing wheels.
Ideal for polishing small items such as fruit, pens, boxes etc in batches.
Requires one of our mandrels to fix to the chuck and a live centre for support at the tailstock.

PLEASE NOTE: The Buffing Tree does not come as kit containing the mandrels and compounds etc; this is deliberate as if you already use the Buffing System you will have these and wont want to buy them again. If you do not have these items they are available to purchase separately or as a pack in the Buffing Accessory Pack.


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