Kanzawa K-332 Adjustable Spade Boring Bit, 70mm – 110mm Diameter

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More economic than buying a full set of Forstner bits!

This adjustable hole boring bit, manufactured in Japan by Kanzawa, covers a wide range of diameters, taking away the need to have lots of cutters in your tool box.

The steel cutting head is adjustable giving a capacity range from 70mm to 110mm diameter.

The cutting head is quickly set to the desired size using the metric graduations etched into it. Then locked into place using the tool provided.

  • Adjustable Blade 70mm – 110mm Diameter
  • Cutting Depth Max 130mm
  • Auger Shank Diameter 13mm
  • Overall Length 180mm
  • Supplied with instructions

The prominent centre point guides the bit, keeping it true and accurate.

The outer scribe cuts a clean splinter-free edge, the angled centre cutter then uses a shearing action to effectively remove the bulk of the material.

This type of bit is primarily intended for making through holes. Although it can be used for blind holes, the bottom of the hole will not be flat and may not be suitable for all applications.

Can be used in a drill press or with a portable electric drill (not recommended for use in a woodturning lathe).

For drilling blind holes or for using on a woodturning lathe see products K-303 or K-304.


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