Charnwood B350 14” Premium Woodworking Bandsaw

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Premium Grade 14” Woodworking Bandsaw

  • 9” Cutting Depth Capacity
  • 14” Cutting Width (Throat)
  • Supplied with High Quality British Made Blade
  • Precision Ground Cast Iron Work Table
  • Quick Action Locking On Rip Fence
  • Crosscutting Mitre Guide Included
  • Quiet Induction Motor
  • Mains Powered LED work Light
  • Integral Dust Collection Tray
  • Includes Floor Stand
  • Primarily used for Woodworking

The bigger brother of the B300, this floorstanding woodworking bandsaw has a cutting capacity of 230mm (9″), to satisfy professional workshops. The power is delivered by a quiet induction motor with a belt drive to the bandsaw wheel. A two speed pulley allows the correct blade speed to be selected, depending on the hardness of the material being cut. The key to straight and accurate cutting on a bandsaw is to have a good set of blade guides. The B350 has three bearings on the blade guard. Two sealed bearings mounted side-on to the blade, control blade twist and keep it true. The rear bearing takes the thrust of the back of the blade allowing it to run freely. The same setup is then repeated beneath the table.

The cast iron table tilts from 90 degrees to 45 degrees, on a rack & pinion, and has a positive stop at both of those positions. Any angle in between can be read off the scale and locked in. For rip cuts the guide fence can be situated on either side of the blade, can be locked into position with a single press of the lever and has a clear marker to set against the metric scale. The fence itself can be fitted in two ways. When cutting thicker material the full face height of 60mm is used. When cutting thin and narrow strips the fence is fitted with the small face, against the blade to allow clearance around the guides. The bandsaw is fitted with a main powered LED work light on a flexible stem, so that the work area will always be well lit.

The two doors are fitted with safety locks which cut power to the motor when the doors are open for blade changing or cleaning.

Tensioning the blade correctly is made simple thanks to the features on this premium model. A blade tension lever quickly sets the tension. After a blade change fine tuning can be carried out with the aid of a tension indicator and scale. The required tension varies according to blade width. A window in the top door allows the operator to confirm blade tension is correct and make an adjustment when necessary.

A dust extractor is always recommended when using a bandsaw. The dust collection outlet has 3 rings which allow it to accept 3 sizes of hose, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm diameter making it compatible with any type of extraction system. If extraction is not being used however, the bandsaw is fitted with an integral dust collection draw. Dust falling into the base of the machine will be collected here, allowing it to be quickly and easily emptied.

Supplied with 1/2” x 4tpi blade, rip fence, mitre fence, work light, floorstand, 2.0m power cable and UK 3 pin plug.

This Bandsaw is fitted with a High Quality, British manufactured blade with precision ground teeth for incredible cutting results.

Charnwood B350 Specification

Maximum cutting depth 225mm (9″)
Throat width 340mm (14″)
Max. cutting width with fence 215mm Left / 215mm Right
Table size 545mm x 515mm
Table Height 1020mm
Table tilt 0-45 degrees
Mitre Guide T-Slot (x2) 16mm / 20mm
Cutting speed 800 & 370m/min
Motor (induction) 1100w (1.1/2hp)
Blade length 2560mm
Blade widths 6-25mm (1/4″ – 1″)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 900mm x 720mm x 1720mm
Weight 76Kg
Assembly Time Required 60 Minutes (Needs 2 People)
Rating Light Trade
Product Guarantee 5 Years


The primary use of this bandsaw is for woodworking and the blade supplied is suitable for cutting both hard and soft woods. The blade supplied can also cut Non-ferrous metals, Plastic and Acrylic. It is possible to use this bandsaw for cutting other materials, but only with a suitable blade fitted.

3 reviews for Charnwood B350 14” Premium Woodworking Bandsaw

  1. Roy Johnston

    I have owned and used a Record power Sabre 250 bandsaw for about eighteen months now and it is a quality machine but however I increasingly found it short of capacity for the fun that I now want to have with timber. After long deliberation I went along to Bedford saw and tool still thinking Record power and was talking to Dan about the situation that I found myself in, he asked if I had thought about Charnwood and showed me the web site on the screen and I was blown away. I didn’t have to think too hard about it, next day Friday afternoon Dan put the order in, and the Charnwood 14″ Premium and wheel stand arrived about two o’clock on Monday
    I spent the rest of the day in my workshop unpacking inspecting and assembling the wheel stand and saw. It probably is a two-man job as stated in the manual, but I managed fine by myself, common sense goes a long way. By the end of the day everything was assembled set up and fine-tuned even the few niggly little things were easily sorted.
    Now the important job, TRY IT OUT!! Rip cuts, cross cuts, deep cuts, shallow cuts, long and short cuts were all about as close to perfect as you could ask for but what impressed me most was the finish and consistency on two-millimetre veneer and resawing of eight-inch-wide boards.
    So, if it is quality machinery and value for your money that you want then Charnwood is the company for me. Not only is it quality and value you get but they also give you a five-year guarantee. I for sure will be using them again and will not hesitate to recommend them.

  2. Stuart Graham

    Recently purchased a B350 14″ Bandsaw.
    Ordered one day, delivered lunchtime the next day!
    Assembled that afternoon and fitted some castors that I had lying around (space at a premium).
    The saw was purchased as a replacement for a smaller Axminster one as I have purchased a larger lathe.
    Excellent machine! I think I’ve used it every day for heavy “hobby use” day since I bought it.
    For me well worth the money and I wish I’d bought it ages ago!!
    Looking forward to makings some jigs to compliment it and enjoying a lot more happy hours using it.
    I would certainly recommend it if you are in the market for one.

  3. Edward Pennington-Ridge

    For the money, this is an astounding saw. It is not perfect, but the price means a 5 star rating. I have never had a way to produce clean boards from the trees that I fell in our woodland in my shop, and this saw has changed that. The feeling I experienced having produced my first 1.5 M x 225mm x 25mm Cherry board, dimensionally accurate to less than 1mm top to bottom, is hard to explain! My very first cut was a perfect 100mm x 1.5mm veneer, using a 25mm 3tpi blade.

    The saw itself has a real quality feel. Thick steel sheet and box section has been used throughout, and the blade and belt tensioning are well thought out. The fixings supplied are good quality. Putting the saw together was a great experience, unlike so many tools these days.

    The work light is fabulous, and the fence and table good enough for me. The table edges are not ground, but this is a minor gripe and fixable with sufficient motivation.

    The leg stand is just about good enough. There is a significant amount of flex, and I plan to make my own 25 mm plywood box stand in the near future.

    The one thing that this saw needs as an optional extra is better quality blade guides, with quality cast iron or steel bodies. Some of the threads in the supplied guides are not quite as straight as they should be. Adjustment is not quite as slick as I would like. Having said that, given patience setting up, I am achieving extremely accurate cuts with this saw. If Charnwood offered a guide upgrade for £75 or so then I would gladly buy it. If not, I shall probably end up making my own on the mill.

    I was going to spend over £1K at Axminster for a saw I suspect would have been inferior, and wish that I had bought my table saw at Charnwood. I shall be recommending Charnwood to my friends. Overall, very impressed.

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