3M Trizact Belt 2000grit, Compatible With Robert Sorby ProEdge PE3000T

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Product Description

Trizact belt in 2000 ‘grit’

Trizact belts can be used on all steels and even titanium.

They last 5 times longer and create less heat than conventional abrasive material. They will give tools a factory finish.

Big benefits are achieved through a patented 3M technology called microreplication. During microreplication, small three-dimensional structures resembling pyramids are adhered to a backing. These “pyramids” contain layers of mineral, and they begin to break down after repeated use, continually exposing fresh mineral. The cycle of mineral renewal sustains the abrasive’s sharpness. They deliver a constant grit level throughout the life of the belt. A genuine 3M product.

Compatible with:
Robert Sorby Pro Edge Sharpening System
Axminster Trade Sharpening system 103474
Axminster Ultimate Edge Sharpening system 105529

Equivalent to Robert Sorby PE3000T


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