Thread Adaptor Insert 1” x 8tpi to M33 x 3.5mm

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Product Description

Headstock thread adaptor.

To fit onto a lathe with 1″ x 8tpi headstock thread.

To mount a scroll chuck (or face plate) with M33 x 3.5mm thread.

Suitable for use with Charnwood Scroll Chucks Nexus3, Viper3 & Viper5. Plus any other brand with a M33 x 3.5mm thread.

Includes 2 x 8mm diameter holes to aid tightening or removal with a knock out bar.


Adaptor Type Insert
Overall Length 32mm
External Thread Size (Chuck) M33 x 3.5
External Thread Length 22mm
Internal Thread Size (Lathe) 1″ x 8tpi
Internal thread Length 25mm
Register 7mm
Minimum Headstock Thread Length 30mm


If you are not sure about the thread size you need, please download our guide: How To Measure A Lathe Headstock Thread Size.

Compatible with the following lathes (among others):
Axminster AWSL
Axminster AWVSL
Axminster AWVSL900
Axminister AWVSL1000
Axminster M900

Axminster M950
Axminster M1000
Axminster M330
Axminster M600
Axminster Perform CCL
Axminster Perform CCBL
Charnwood W860
Clarke CWL20RV
Delta 46-700
Delta 46-451
Delta 46-250
Delta 46-255
Delta Midi
Dominion DTS General
Fox F46-717A
Fox F46-251
General 160
Grizzly G5979
Jet JWL 1220
Jet JWL 1220VS
Jet JWL 1014VSI
Jet JWL 1236
Jet JWL 1014I
Jet JWL 1442
Lumberjack VSL305
Lumberjack WL305
Oneway 1224
Oneway 1018
Poolewood PW16-40
Poolewood 500
Poolewood PW15-90
Poolewood Euro
Scheppach DMS900
Scheppach DMS1100
Scheppach DMT450
Teknatool 1200
Turncrafter Pro
Wadkin SBXL
Warco mini 4026
Woodfast 280


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