Shogun FLD120 Japanese 120mm Double Edged Flush Cut Pull Saw

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A fine Kugihiki or flush cut pull saw from Shogun. The FLD120 features a 120mm double edged ultra thin flexible blade designed for the flush trimming of wooden dowels or for cutting the protruding ends of through tenons.

On one side the teeth have no set to allow flush cutting with no risk of scratching the surface. The other side has a 0.1mm set to give more accurate cuts for tenons and the like.

The highly flexible blade allows access into tight corners.

A wooden handle provides a comfortable grip.

shogun FLD120 Specification

Overall Length 240mm
Blade Length 120mm
Blade Thickness 0.5mm
Kerf 0.6mm
Tooth Spacing 1.15mm (22tpi)


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