Robert Sorby RSTM-HCT123 Turnmaster Handled with Round, Detail & Square Carbide Cutters

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TurnMaster Series.

Robert Sorby’s concept: “We started by wanting to offer a tool that supports our vision for woodturners. It had to be flexible and it had to offer quick and easily achievable results. It also had to enlighten turners to the various materials available and what can be expected from them. We wanted to develop a tool that introduces people to woodturning while at the same time providing a quick and simple solution for many projects and for all levels of woodturner. Following a year of research and analysis, speaking to turners old and new, the TurnMaster was born.”

A handled TurnMaster tool complete with three Carbide cutters; a square cutter, round cutter and detail point cutter. Tungsten Carbide makes light work of the tough materials and is an extremely hard wearing and long lasting material. Although designed as a throwaway item it can be sharpened on specialist equipment such as Robert Sorby’s ProEdge when fitted with a diamond belt.

The TurnMaster is the first tool in the world to combine three cutting edges technologies in one flexible system.

An unprecedented range of parts and cutters make it the most versatile and value added tool concept on the market today.

Unlike other tools on the mark the TurnMaster has a patented lock-tight head that can be set to three positions allowing for shear scraping and flat scraping actions.


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