Robert Sorby Spindlemaster 3/4”

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Product Description

Taming the skew is perhaps the most common of problems encountered by the woodturner. The digs-ins which ensue from incorrect presentation cause many turners to avoid using the skew chisels and consequently reduce their skills and limit their opportunities of turning between centres. The new Spindlemaster does away with this problem. Its design is flat on one surface, and oval on the other makes dig-ins a thing of the past. It is easy to use for even the least experienced turner. In addition to doing the regular planning job of the skew chisel, the Spindlemaster will also cut both beads and coves with the greatest ease. Because of its design – the wood is almost polished and so it gives a fine finish every time. That is a particular advantage when working on soft woods like pine which normally leaves a very coarse finish.

Overall Length 16.1/4″

Handle Length 10″


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