Robert Sorby Micro Aluminium Handle 7.3/4” (197mm)

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Robert Sorby 889 Micro Aluminium Handle 7.3/4” (197mm).

Robert Sorby continues to lead the way with woodworking tool innovation with the introduction of the all new Micro tool system. This beautifully balanced system makes it ideal for those who work primarily on mini or midi lathes or those who specialise in miniature pieces. The Micro Spindle Set can be used extensively for pen turning with additional external decoration provided by the Micro Spiralling Tool. It has proved highly popular with woodturners the world over.

The system is centred on the beautifully engineered burgundy anodised aluminium handle. Into this handle can be fitted an array of tools.

There are 4 separate tools available:
Micro Sandmaster
Micro Spindle Set
Micro Spiralling Tool
Micro Hollowing Set

The main benefit of this system is that the woodturner can buy just one of the sets which include the modular handle and then add any of the other sets to complement their collection


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