Robert Sorby RS230KT Hollowmaster – Handled

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The Hollowmaster starts where the Multi Tip Hollowing Tool finishes. It has many of the same features but enable the turner to work even further round in blind holes.

Unlike most conventional hollowing tools, the unique Hollowmaster comes with a meaty flat surface. When laid on the tool rest, this gives ample support to prevent the tool being turned over by the rotation of the wood. You are not fighting the laws of nature but removing wood with ease. It’s swan neck design means that the Hollowmaster can reach those spots that are often difficult to reach. The Hollowmaster comes with a swivelling hollowing cutter and a full round scraper cutter for fine finishing. Both are easily sharpened with a diamond file and can be replaced when need be.

Useful tips :

  • always operate with the tool rest on centre
  • always have the flat and straight section on the tool rest
  • sharpen both cutters across the flat with a diamond hone


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