Charnwood W750#004 Replacement Tyre for 18″ Bandsaw Wheel

Product Code:W750#004

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Polyurethane bandsaw wheel trye, to replace a worn out tyre.


Wheel Diameter 500mm (18″)
Tyre width 42mm

To suit Charnwood W750 most other similar sized bandsaws. This tyre has a crowned centre.

When fitting replacement tyres: the replacement tyre may? appear to be smaller than the bandwheel as they need to be stretched into position.

Remove the worn/damaged tyre ensuring that any remnants are carefully scraped away.
Put the new tyre in hot water for 2 minutes.
Stretch the tyre around the circumference of the wheel ensuring that it is centrally located on the rim.
No adhesive is required.

It is sometimes easier, but not essential, to first remove the bandwheel from the saw. Depending on the design, circlip pliers and a gear puller may be required.