Package Deal W325P: Charnwood 3/4” Morticer & 4 Imperial Chisels

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Package consists of:
W325 Floor standing Morticer
MCT2 1/4″ Professional Quality Chisel & Bit
MCT3 3/8″ Professional Quality Chisel & Bit
MCT4 1/2″ Professional Quality Chisel & Bit
MCT6 3/4″ Professional Quality Chisel & Bit

Charnwood W325 Floor standing hollow chisel morticer with 3/4″ capacity

  • Table Moves Through X and Y Axis
  • Cast Iron Body, For Strength & Stability
  • Cast Iron Table, Hard Wearing For A Long Life
  • Cast Iron Work Clamp with Quick Action Lock
  • Welded Cabinet Stand with Storage Space
  • Plunging Head Controlled by Gas Filled Spring
  • Quite Induction Motor Delivers The Power

This floor standing hollow chisel mortiser has a huge timber capacity of 8″ x 6″ and can cut to the full depth of the chisel.

Extensive use of cast iron gives the entire machine strength and solidity allowing larger sizes of chisels to be used without flexing. The down feed handle can be adjusted so that a comfortable starting position can always be found. When cutting mortices in smaller timber the head can be lowered, so that the starting point of the chisel is just above the timber, which speeds up cutting.

When working with this machine the timber is held in place by a front clamp with a quick action lock and two further cam lock clamps which hold the timber firmly down against the table, to prevent lifting when raising the chisel.

There are then two separate controls for moving the table. Firstly the operator winds the table forwards or back until the chisel is aligned with the back edge of the mortice. The second hand wheel is turned to move the table left or right until the chisel is positioned at one end of the mortice.

The motor has been specially produced to run at a lower rpm than standard motors, which gives a better cut, with less chance of burning.

The cabinet style base, included as standard, has a lockable hinged door on the front with a large storage area inside, perfect for keeping your chisels and service tools safe. 4 adjustable rubber feet ensure that levelling on an uneven floor is simple.

For anyone involved in component production, and wanting to make a series of identical cuts there are stops fitted to the table travel to set the width of the mortice.

Supplied with, chuck key, mortice depth stop, handle return stop, Left and Right table stops, Length stop, 3/4″ chisel bush, adjustable rubber feet, 1.75m cable and plug.

Charnwood W325 Specification

From Chisel Bush to Table 315mm (12″)
Maximum timber height with a 1/2″ Chisel 205mm (8″)
Maximum clamping width 145mm (6”)
Chisel capacity 1/4″ to 3/4″ (8mm to 18mm)
Vertical Chisel Stroke (1 Stroke / Total Travel) 110mm (6″) / 230mm (9”)
Accepts chisel shank size 3/4″
Optional chisel shank size (Requires optional bush) 13/16″
Table travel (left to right) 165mm (6.5”)
Table travel (front to back) 150mm (6”)
From Back Fence to Chisel Centre 0mm to 150mm
Length Stop Capacity 730mm (29″)
Motor (induction) 750w (1hp), 240v
Motor Speed 1400rpm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 820mm x 720mm x 1800mm
Weight 120kg
Assembly Time Required 30 Minutes (Needs 2 People)
Rating Trade
Product Guarantee 5 Years


4 Piece Chisel Set – Included with this package

Our range of mortice chisels and bits are professional quality and have a 3/4″ diameter shank.


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