Kedu KJD6 On/Off Push Button Switch

Product Code:KJD6
Barcode: Compatible with KJD20, DZ-04

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The KEDU KJD6 switch is one of the most commonly used switches on bench top workshop machinery. It can be found on all kinds of woodworking, metalworking, automotive and stone working tools.

KJD6 has 4 connection terminals and can be used with machines drawing up to 6 amps.

Dimensions of switch body 42mm x 27mm
Depth behind mounting plate 36mm
Overall Dimensions 50mm x 30mm x 50mm

The KJD6 can be used as a substitute for the following obsolete switches:

  • CK-1
  • KEDU KJD20
  • DKLD DZ04

The KJD6 switch is used on the following Charnwood products.

  • W316 Morticer: Part 67
  • W325 Morticer: Part A057
  • W412 Disc Sander: Part 46
  • W695 Dust Extractor: Part 41
  • W711 Bandsaw: Part 51
  • W715 Bandsaw: Part 24
  • W815 Lathe: Part 56


This part may be compatible with similar machines from other manufacturers, but Charnwood cannot advise on that. If you do fit one to your machine, let us know and we can list that model as compatible.

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