Masasa Bowl Blank 6” x 3”

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Masasa (Brachystegia Spiciformi) 6″ x 3″ Bowl Blank.

Also known by the various different spelling versions, Msasa, Missassa and the Sena name N’sassa

Imported from a sustainable source in Mozambique.

A medium to large tree, 8 to 15 m in height, the branches are heavy, thrusting upwards and outwards, often twisting and curving, giving the tree a beautiful shape. It occurs in open, deciduous woodland, tolerating a wide range of soil types.

The heartwood is a uniform red/brown and clearly defined. Weighing 975kg/m3 it is a hard timber that turns well, sandpapering and taking oils and varnish well. Tools must be sharp and also used for furniture, railway sleepers and flooring.


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