Iwasaki Japanese Chemically Polished Flat Needle File 200mm x 10mm

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Barcode: 5060486042272

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Product Description

The Iwasaki chemically polished carvers files are distinguishable by their red tang or handle and offer exceptionally fast material removal, in fact almost 10 times faster than a conventional machine cut rasp.

The special chemical polishing process ensures a file that is ultra sharp and in use requires only light pressure to remove large amounts of material. The finish left by an Iwasaki CP carvers file is comparable to that of 280 grit abrasive paper so virtually no finishing is required.

The unique design of the teeth featuring a chip-breaker ensuring the file does not become clogged. All in all these files offer the woodworker a first class tool that will become a favourite go to tool in the shop.

Overall Length 200mm
File Length 100mm
File Width 10mm
Rubber Handle Included
Smooth Cut

Made in Japan


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