Igaging 35-0906 Digital 3 in 1 Gauge

Product Code:35-0906
Barcode: 80913509067

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Set the heights of router bits and saw blades with greater accuracy! This 3-in-1 digital router combines the functions of three tools:

  • Depth gauge
  • Height gauge
  • Thickness gauge

It is a metal rule with a Super Large LCD display, housed in a heavy-duty polycarbonate frame which allows it to stand freely. The frame allows the tool to be set at 70, 80 or 90 degrees as well as horizontally for accurate measuring. It features buttons for on/off as well as zero set functions, and it easily switches readings from inches to metric to fractions at a touch. Two hardened steel measuring anvils (flat and point) are included.

Battery Included.

Designed in the USA.


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