Chamfuta Bowl Blank 8” x 2”

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Chamfuta (Afzelia Quanzensis) 8″ x 2″ Bowl Blank.

Also known as Pod Mahogany & Chanfuta.

Imported from a sustainable source in Mozambique.

A medium to large spreading deciduous tree , usually 12 to 15 m in height, but reaching 35 m under ideal conditions. Occurring at low altitude woodlands and dry forest.

The light red-brown timber has a good figure oxidizing to a warm darker colour shortly after conversion, age improves appearance. Weight 770kg’s/Ms with SG at 12% it is hard but sandpapers and works well and takes a fine polish using varnish or oil. An easy timber to turn.Tools need to be sharp and the timber is also used for furniture, parquet and panelling. Used to make dug out canoes in Africa and an infusion of the roots is said to provide a remedy for bilharzia.


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