Bencil BENHBPK2 HB Carpenters Pencil Pack of 2

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Bencil is the worlds most flexible and durable carpenters pencil so it wont break if you sit on it!

Bencil is all pencil, there’s no wood, just the writing material so it lasts up to ten times longer than a standard pencil.

Bencil features revolutionary graphite composite material so it wont bleed through paint or rub off onto your fingers or clothes.

Bencils rarely need sharpening, are long lasting, moisture (e.g. water) resistant, and durable.

Ideal for workshop or site use and can be thrown into a toolbox without a care.

Pack of 2
Overall Length: 160mm
Body Size: 13mm x 8mm
Colour: HB (Grey)
Supplied unsharpened

Available in 3 different colours: Grey, Red & Blue.
Handy if 3 different trades are working in the same area.


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