Charnwood Belt & Disc Sander, 6″ x 10″

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Product Description

A heavy duty workshop sander, with the traditional combination of belt and disc, driven via belt by a quiet 1hp induction motor.

The large diameter disc is fitted with a sturdy aluminium table which is secured on both sides. Radiused guides allow the table to tilt to 45 degrees and be accurately locked at any angle. The table also has a T slot for the mitre guide, which is adjustable to 60 degrees each way.

A sanding belt of this size would most commonly be used in the horizontal position, however it can be moved into the vertical position when required. The belt has a back stop fence with a removable plate, allowing the user to make their own plate to suit any application they have.

The open end of the sanding belt can be used for finishing curved shapes and edges.

When the time comes to replace the sanding belt there is a quick release tension lever and fine tracking adjustment to balance the new belt.

Given that there may be times when you need to move this machine off the work bench, the design incorporates a pair of carry handles.

A single dust collection outlet gives efficient extraction, from both the disc and belt, when connected to a suitable vacuum or extractor.

The sander sits on 4 rubber feet or can be secured to a work bench using the 4 mounting points provided.

Supplied with mitre guide, 1 x 80 grit sanding belt, 1 x 80 grit self adhesive sanding disc, 1.75m power cable and UK 3 pin plug.


Unlock the benefits of Hook & Loop sanding discs. For a limited time we are giving away with each machine, worth £20.00:

  • Hook & Loop Conversion Pad VB300
  • 60 grit ProNet sanding disc
  • 80 grit ProNet sanding disc
  • 120 grit ProNet sanding disc
  • 150 grit ProNet sanding disc

These are in addition to the standard equipment.


Charnwood BD610 Specification

Disc Diameter 250mm (10″)
Disc Speed 2850rpm
Work Table Size 330mm x 170mm
Work Table Tilt 90 to 45 degrees
Work Table T Slot 16mm / 20mm
Belt Size 150mm x 1220mm (6″ x 48″)
Belt Speed 550m/min
Motor (Induction) 750w (1hp) 240v, 50hz
Dust Extraction Outlet 50mm OD / 45mm ID
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 770mm x 570mm x 400mm
Shipping Dimensions 740mm x 460mm x 470mm
Weight 31kg
Assembly Time Required 10 Minutes
Rating Hobby
Product Guarantee 5 Years

To connect this machine to a dust extractor using 100mm diameter hose, use adapter 100/58RC.

We recommend wearing a face mask or respirator during all sanding operations, even if a dust extraction system is in place. Don’t take chances with your health.


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