Basic Picture Frame Joining Kit

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Product Description

Frame assembly kit which can be used to assemble any mitred, 4 sided frame.

Included in the kit:

  • Metal Mitre clamp for accurate tight mitres
  • Magnetic tipped V-nail driver (use your own hammer)
  • 165 piece hardware kit for finishing & hanging the frame
  • Spirit level for leveling frames on the wall

The heart of this kit is the mitre clamp, which is made from aluminium. The clamp has quick action jaws which securely hold the 2 mitred pieces during pinning. The clamp and frame is then flipped over to allow access to the underside of the frame. Minimum sized frame 150mm x 150mm inside the rebate.

Clamp accepts a maximum moulding width of 75mm.

Once hung on the wall the underside will never be seen. A wedge is then fitted to the retracting end of the driver. It is magnetic to make things simple. Then use a hammer (not supplied) to tap the wedge into the moulding underside.

A hardware kit is also included to help finish off the frame and prepare for hanging.

Hardware kit contains:

  • 5 metres of picture hanging wire
  • 100 x 10mm Wedges
  • 8 screw rings
  • 8 screw eyes
  • 20 wall nails
  • 10 brass screws
  • 8 D-rings
  • 6 large picture hooks
  • 4 small picture hooks.

A great value kit for making your own frames.

We always recommend that wood glue should also be used in every corner. The wedge is an instant fixing and allows the frame to be safely moved around straight after joining it. Once set, the glue gives the frame the stability which will last for many years.

1 Year Product Guarantee.


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