Asahi Japanese Koyama Handy Plane 42mm x 180mm

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Barcode: 4939752853076

Product Description

This handy plane from Koyama will be a welcome addition to any discerning woodworkers tool collection. It features a 42mm wide blade with an overall length of 180mm.
With its oak body and laminated blade this plane performs equally well as either block planes or small smoothers.

The plane iron is supplied sharpened but we would highly recommend you hone it prior to use, lapping the sole on 320g Wet and Dry abrasive paper on a flat surface i.e a piece of float glass will also take the plane to another level.

MW2 Specification
Overall Length 180mm (7″)
Overall Width 55mm (2.16″)
Iron Width 42mm (1.65″)
EAN 4939752853076
Made in Japan


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