Charnwood 2 Micron Filter Bag for 370mm Diameter Collector

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Product Description

Extra Fine 2 Micron filter bag.

To Replace any type of filter on a dust extractor with a 370mm diameter collector drum. When filter bags become clogged the performance of the extractor will be greatly reduced. When they are ripped or torn they should be replaced to avoid dust circulating back into the atmosphere.

This 2 micron filter can also be used to upgrade standard 5 or 10 micron filter bags.

The standard 5 micron filter is fine enough for collecting dust and chips from table saws, bandsaws, planers, thicknessers, moulders, lathes and is perfectly adequate for most peoples needs.

The 2 micron filter is preferred by anybody wishing to cut MDF which produces a finer dust or for connecting to sanding machinery.

Compatible with Charnwood models W690, W890, W696, W796 or any dust extractor with a 370mm (15″) diameter collection drum or a drum circumference of 1162mm (46″).

Height of bag is 600mm (24″). The bottom rim of the bag includes a recess to hold the quick action strap.

For use with Charnwood models W690 & W696.

Also compatible with:
Clarke CDE7B
Draper DE750A
Scheppach HD12
Fox F50-841