Charnwood 125T T-Shaped Branch with 3 x 125mm (5″) Outlets

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Barcode: 5060486041602

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T shaped splitter with 3 x 125mm ends. Used To split a single hose line into two branches when creating multiple connections.

A 125mm diameter hose can be attached to any end of the T-piece and secured with a hose clamp.

When using two branches it is recommended to close off any branches not in use, so that a higher airflow is achieved down the active branch. Shut off gates (125G) can be attached to the T-piece using a piece of 125flex hose.

The splitter is available in a Y or T shape. Sometimes the T shape is an advantage when creating a hose network, particularly when dropping down from head height. However the airflow is not as efficient as with the Y shaped branch.


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