Rotarex RC50 Mini Classic Carving Disc 50mm

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50mm Classic Carving Disc

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hand Sharpened
  • 6 Teeth – 6 Limiters

The Classic Carving disc allows an angle grinder to be utilised as an effective carving machine. Rotarex Pro-carving discs feature six alternating teeth each followed by a limiter that regulates the cut and virtually eliminates the threat of kickback.

Precision manufactured in Europe from stainless steel and hand sharpened. Re-sharpening of the disc is also easily carried out with a round file.

Woodturners will find the Classic carving disc is extremely effective as a texturing tool for turned bowls.

Designed for use with power carving machines from Proxon, Merlin and Arbor Tech

Diameter 50mm
Bore 10mm
Thickness 5mm
Max. RPM 13000


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