Robert Sorby Sovereign Hollowing Set

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This set focuses on one of Robert Sorby’s most popular items- the Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool (RS200). This tool’s versatility is legendary in woodturning circles.

Whether you’re starting out or have been turning wood for many years this tool provides a flexibility that enables the turner to make light work of more specialist projects such as hollowing, beading, coving, dovetailing and recessing thanks to the number of available cutters.

An extensive range of woodturning projects can be completed with this set.

The set includes :

  • Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool SOV- (RS200) – one of the great all rounder specialist tools.
  • Spindle Gouge 3/8″ (840) – details spindle work.
  • Spindle Roughing Gouge 3/4″ (843) – turns square to round, a real work horse.
  • Bowl Gouge 3/8″ (842) – makes light work of bowl turning.
  • Standard Parting Tool 1/4″ (830) – for parting off work and great for detailing.
  • Sovereign 12″ handle (SOV12) – multifaceted Softex grip handle.
  • Sovereign 4″ extension (SOV-EXT) – handy addition to increase handle size to 17″.
  • Sovereign Threaded Coupler (SOV-TC) – joins handles together to customise lengths.
  • SOV-C10 3/8″ collet
  • SOV-C13 1/2″ collet
  • SOV-CT tang tool collet
  • Diamond honing card (DSCC 600) 2″ X 3″ 600 grit
  • Robert Sorby Focus on: Specialist Woodturning Tools Part 1 and 2 DVD.


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