Package Deal: W020 Router Table, Switch & Collet Extension

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Product Description

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Package deal consists of

  • W020 Router Table
  • CE12 Collet Extension
  • W026 NVR Switch

  • Precision Ground Cast Iron Table
  • Hinged Top for Access to Router
  • New Large Fence Design
  • Spring Loaded Feather boards
  • T-Slot Mitre Guide
  • 68mm Diameter Extraction Outlet
  • Floorstand Included

A heavy weight router table with a solid one piece cast iron top. The rigid steel floorstand provides a comfortable working height for handling large panels. The table top is hinged to the floorstand and can be raised up, making the router more accessible when adjustments are needed. The table aperture is 100mm diameter with insert rings provided to reduce this size when using smaller diameter cutters.

Our large router table fence allows work pieces to be securely held during the cut with the aid of 2 fence mounted feather boards, to hold the work down against the table, and the front feather board to hold the work up against the fence. Using this method edge mouldings can safely be cut onto small pieces such as beading or picture frames.

There is also a scale, marked in both metric and imperial, mounted into the table to act as a guide when setting the fence.

Our unique new centralising jig allows you to set your router accurately and quickly into the table. It then holds the router in place whilst you lock the clamps underneath the table. The clamps themselves have been redesigned to allow fast removal of the router, ideal for users who want to regularly remove and refit the router.

For the odd job where the whole face of the timber is being removed, a set of shims are supplied that can be added to the outfeed fence to step it out and provide support to the work piece.

The cast metal mitre fence runs in a T-slot and is particularly accurate on this model. The mitre guide swings from 90 to 30 degrees each way with locater stops at 45 degrees and a further stop at 90 degrees for accurate end grain work.

The clamping system, used to attach the router to the table, is universal allowing any sized router from any manufacturer to be used.

Supplied with 4 rubber feet, mitre guide and 68mm extraction outlet.


Table size 680mm x 510mm
Table height 860mm
Cutter aperture 30mm, 60mm & 100mm
Mitre Guide T slot
Dimensions (WxDxH) 860mm x 660mm x 1120mm
Weight 58kg
Assembly Time Required 45 Minutes (Needs 2 People)
Rating Trade
Warranty 1 Year

If mobility is needed due to space constraints in your workshop, our universal wheel base fits this router table very well and enables it to be effortlessly moved around.

2 reviews for Package Deal: W020 Router Table, Switch & Collet Extension

  1. Alan Gidman (verified owner)

    My interest in this table stemmed from the need for a table capable of using a large panel razing cutter . There was a lot of vibration in my old table even on smaller bits . The large heavy cast iron table seemed like a good idea and unlike other cast tables out there this one does not use a insert plate to carry the router (to mount a router in a 6mm thick plastic or aluminium plate seems like a bad idea if you want to take full advantage of the mass of the cast iron ) . There are disadvantages to the router being mounted in a thick piece of steel , you are going to lose some depth of travel with your router but that a small price to pay when it comes to the total lack of vibration you get with the thick cast iron.
    The finnish on the table is very smooth and flat (there are a few burrs which you can remove easily with a file ) . The fence is very robust with lots of adjustment , it is not the fence you see in the videos ,it is a large piece of aluminium with a thick facing with lots of adjustment, unfortunately they have not changed the locking handles and the originals are not long enough to clear the rear of the fence ( I have replaced these with a couple of cap head screws and a allen key) .
    The table works very well I use it with a 2200 Watt router and it is very quiet and totally vibration free . I would not like to remove the router from the table regularly as it is a bit of a fiddle to get it mounted .
    The metal base is a bit flimsy, it does the job but the metal used is not very thick .
    The table is heavy , you will need a bit of help when it comes to lifting the table off the ground . The instructions are very good , well illustrated and useful.
    All things considered ,it is well worth the cost , it is robust and very functional, there are a few things that could be better but they are easily changed at a later date .
    To use a large powerful router without the noise and vibration is a luxury.
    Would I recommend this router table … Yes

  2. David

    Bought this along with the wheel kit. Very well packed and a good set of instructions. I I inverted the table and assemble the frame to it rather than lifting the table top onto the frame as it very heavy. Also it is easier to see what you are doing with the bolts. The table stays are not easy to release as you need to hold the two handles so you need another pair of hands to unlock the stays. They would be better with gas struts as it would be safer. If the table dropped it could easily take a finger off or worse. This is my only concern as otherwise a great piece of kit. My Festool router fitted perfectly and the centring jig works great.

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