Package Deal W014P: Charnwood W014 Router Table, W026 Switch & CE12 Collet Extension

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Package Deal – Save £30

The package consists of;

  • W014 Router Table
  • W026 NVR Switch
  • CE12 Extension Collet 1/2″

The package represents a saving of ?30 compared to buying the same items individually.

W014 Router Table
A versatile floorstanding router table for inverted table routing. Can be used with any 1/4″ or 1/2″ sized router. The table top is made from a single piece of 35mm thick laminated MDF, to provide a flat and durable surface to work on. The mounting plate is made from a tough plastic which can be drilled to mount any router. The plate is held in place by magnets allowing tool free removal of the router from the table, when making adjustments or changing cutters. Two insert rings allow the diameter of the aperture to be reduced when working with smaller diameter cutters.

Secure clamping of the work piece is achieved by setting the 2 fence mounted featherboards, to hold the work down against the table top and the front featherboard to hold the work up against the fence. Using this method edge mouldings can safely be cut onto small pieces such as beading or picture frames.

For cutting across grain, or tenons, a metal mitre fence is supplied which runs in a T-slot along the front of the table. The mitre fence has stops at 45 degrees each way and at 90 degrees.

The guide fence has two adjustable faces which can be moved to match the diameter of the cutter. Two scales in the surface of the table allow fast and accurate setting of the fence.

At the rear of the fence is an outlet for dust extraction.

Supplied with 3 featherboards, mitre guide, lead in pin for curved pieces, 68mm diameter extraction outlet. Use our 100/75RC to convert for 100mm diameter extraction hose.

W014P Specification

Table Size 800mm x 600mm
Table Apertures 97, 67, 32mm
Table Height 870mm
Dust Outlet 68mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 800mm x 600mm x 1020mm
Weight 24kg
Assembly Time Required 30 Minutes
Warranty 1 Year
Rating Light Trade


W026 NVR Switch

  • For Any Router Up To 2200w
  • Integral 3 Pin Socket
  • Separate Start and Stop Buttons
  • Cover Acts As Emergency Stop
  • Supplied With 2m Cable and Plug

The switch can be mounted to the front right leg of the router table or mounted in any convenient location avoiding the user having to reach under the table to turn the router on and off. The switch also provides a handy emergency stop button.

There is an integral socket built into the underside of the casing. Simply plug your router into the socket and connect the plug to your electric supply.

In order to use a router with an NVR switch you need to be able to lock the router switch on for hands free operation. If your router has a trigger type switch which cannot be locked on you will need to contact the manufacturer or their distributor to obtain a fastening clip. Some routers can also be rewired to bypass the router switch and use this NVR switch instead.

Supplied with integral socket, separate start and stop buttons, 2m cable, plug and fixing bolts. For use with any power tools up to 2200watts.


CE12 Collet Extension
Extends the collet by 60mm.

When working with a router table which has a table made of thick material, a collet extension may be required. Certain jobs require the cutter to be lifted above the surface of the table.
This collet extension can be used with all 1/2″ shank routers and will lift the cutter by an additional 60mm.


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