Kedu KJD17B On/Off Switch With 5 Terminals

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The KEDU KJD17B switch is widely used on woodworking machinery.

Two button start/stop switch with dust proof shield and emergency stop cover.

It has 5 connection terminals, the 5th terminal is a remote cut-out.

Suitable for machines with up to 2200w (2hp) 240v motors. Max. amps 18.

Dimensions of mounting plate 75mm x 40mm
Depth behind mounting plate 40mm
Hole centres of mounting plate 62mm

The switch is often used mounted into an additional cover plate.

This switch can be used as a replacement for these obsolete models: DKLD DZ-6-2/5T and KJD18/5T

There is also a version of this switch available with 4 terminals. Please check which one you need before ordering.

The KJD17B switch is used on the following Charnwood products:

  • 1624V Lathe:
  • W030 Spindle Moulder: Part No. A48
  • W040 Spindle Moulder: Part No. A23
  • W583 Planer Thicknesser: Part No. A21
  • W619 Table Saw: Part No. A02
  • W629 Table Saw: Part No.  A48
  • W650 Table Saw: Part No. A033
  • W660 Panel Saw
  • W670 Panel Saw: Part No. 013
  • W691 Dust Extractor: Part No. 09A
  • W692 Dust Extractor: Part No. 31A
  • W730 Bandsaw : Part No. 050


This part may be compatible with similar machines from other manufacturers, but Charnwood cannot advise on that. If you do fit one to your machine, let us know and we can list that model as compatible.

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