Kedu KJD20-2 On/Off Push Button Switch

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Barcode: Heavier switch than KJD6, can take higher amps for W821/W824

Product Description

The KJD20-2 switch has 4 connection terminals and can be used with machines drawing up to 10 amps.

Dimensions of switch body 42mm x 27mm
Depth behind mounting plate 38mm
Overall Dimensions 50mm x 30mm x 58mm

The KJD20-2 switch is used on the following Charnwood products:

  • BS410 Bandsaw – Part No. 021
  • BD15 Sander – Part No. 11
  • BD46 Sander – Part No. 013
  • BD48 Sander – Part No. 103
  • BD610 Sander – Part No. 092
  • SS16F Scroll Saw: Part no. 079
  • W821 Midi Lathe – Part No. 68
  • W824 Wood Lathe – Part No. 075
  • 1420V Wood Lathe – Part No. 94


This part may be compatible with similar machines from other manufacturers, but Charnwood cannot advise on that. If you do fit one to your machine, let us know and we can list that model as compatible.

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