6” x 4” Disc & Belt Sander

Product Code:W408

Product Description


This item is no longer available to order. A limited range of spare parts are still available. Contact our sales office to order.
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  • Quiet Induction Motor 375w
  • 6” Diameter Sanding Disc
  • 4” x 36” Sanding belt
  • Belt can be used Horizontally or Vertically
  • Work Table Secured at Both Sides
  • 50mm Dust Extraction Outlet

The motor is housed inside the base, well away from any dust, and a strong V-belt is used to drive the sanding belt and disc. Having the sanding disc mounted on this secondary driven shaft allows the rotation speed to be slowed down to the correct speed for sanding as opposed to machines where the disc is driven directly from the motor.

The 6″ diameter sanding disc has a large work table with a T-slot for the mitre guide. Another improvement over the traditional sander is that the work table is hinged at both ends giving a much more rigid mounting. The mitre guide can be adjusted from the 90 degree position by 60 degrees left or right. The table tilts from 90 to 45 degrees and can be locked at any angle.

The sanding belt can be used in both the horizontal position with the back stop in place, or in the vertical position moving the work table from the disc to the belt. The open end of the belt can also be used for sanding, with the round drum allowing shapes and curves to be sanded. The sanding belt is fitted with a quick release belt tensioning system and an easily adjusted tracking control.

Dust control has been carefully thought out with integral collector hoods fitted to both disc and belt functions, extracted via a single outlet at the back of the machine. 50mm diameter hose will fit straight onto the outlet, our optional converter can be used to adapt it to 100mm diameter hose.

A handy cable tidy completes the equipment.

Supplied with NVR switch, mitre guide with a scale 60 degrees each way, 50mm dust extraction outlet, use optional W408DK to connect to a 100mm hose, fixing clamps for securing to a bench, rubber feet, cable and plug.


Sanding Table 176mm x 136mm
Table Tilt 90 to 45 degrees
Disc Diameter 150mm (6”)
Disc Speed 1800rpm
Belt Size 100mm x 915mm (4” x 36”)
Belt Speed 5.7 metres / second
Motor (Induction) 375w (1/2hp)
Mitre Guide T Slot (W x D) 16mm/20.5mm x 7mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 470mm x 430mm x 330mm
Weight 20kg
Rating Hobby
Warranty 1 Year

We recommend wearing a face mask or respirator during all sanding operations, even if a dust extraction system is in place. Don’t take chances with your health.

Any of our sanding disc machines can be converted to using Hook & Loop. Simply purchase the hook backing pad which sticks to the metal disc. Our pad is specially designed for this application and prevents sponginess. Then use the velour backed discs available in various grit sizes. The huge advantage of the Hook & Loop system is that you can change grits at any time and refit a disc that has already been used.