Product Ratings

In the specification tables of our machines we have included a 'rating' intended to guide you as to the suitability of each machine to your needs.


Ratings guide;

Hobby: Suitable for Weekend DIY'ers and woodworking enthusiasts.

Generally lighter weight machines with lower power ratings and smaller tooling capacities. Typically only ever used by one person for short periods of time or longer periods of time infrequently. Machinery should be well maintained in a clean, dry environment such as a home workshop, garage or timber shed. Expected maximum use of 100 hours annually.


Light Trade: Suitable for professional woodworkers where the machine will not be in daily use.

Mid range machines with a heavier build and more power. Typically used by 2 or 3 people within a small business and also for the dedicated hobbyist with a larger budget. It is expected to be used up to the machines maximum limit with occasional long work periods. Suitable for income generation. Expected maximum use of 300 hours annually.


Trade: Suitable for daily use by professional woodworkers.

Continuously rated, high power and a heavy duty construction. Typically used by several different operators in a small or medium sized business. Will be used up to the machines maximum limit with some long work periods. Expected maximum use of 1000 hours annually.


Industrial: Suitable for heavy use in a production environment.

Continuously rated, high power and strong heavy duty construction. Typically used by multiple operators in a component manufacturing, production environment. Frequent long periods of heavy use expected. Some maintenance and a basic level of self servicing is expected from the operators. Expected maximum use of 1500+ hours annually.